Fallen Angel Edit

Quote: "Ah... I just want to tear apart the weak now!"
  • Fallen Angel(Normal)
  • Fallen Angel(Elder)
  • Fallen Angel(Master)

Basic Information Edit

  • Rarity: Unique Unique
  • Attribute: Dark Dark
  • Species: Immortal Immortal
  • Type: Attack Attack
  • Max Level: 50/75/100
  • Abilities: Critical, Fury, Soul
  • Leader Bonus: Dark Force

Stats Edit

  • Basic Stats
ATK : 2625
DEF : 0
HP  : 3500
  • Max Stats
ATK : (?)
DEF : (?)
HP  : (?)
  • Max Stats(EX) - non rebirth
ATK : 16140
DEF : 297
HP  : 11950


  • When challenged as a Tower Boss you can see written 'versus Pasariel', stating it as her name

Boss StrategiesEdit

The Fallen Angel is the boss of the Corrupt Tower. She is a formidable opponent, namely because she regenerates 22,000 HP every round. As a boss, she also hits for ~3500 damage on every attack, making it very difficult to wear her down. There are a few effective ways of beating her.

  • Use a Melting Fiend (acquired through Friend Gatcha). This monster has the unique ability Acid Jelly, which reduces the amount of regeneration the boss will be able to do.
  • Use high attack monsters and a lot of potions, preferably in conjunction with Undead's Will to slow the ball speed. The timing is tricky, but you will eventually begin doing over 100% damage, and should be able to wear her down.