The Gacha is a special token machine where you can receive monster tokens. There are two types of Gacha.

Friendship Gacha Edit

Friendship Gacha requires Friendship Points to use. Each try takes 100 points. There is an option to do 10 at once if you have over 1000 points. Friendship Gatcha includes, Common, Uncommon and Rare coins from regular towers only, sometimes potions or, very rarely, a single coin. You can have at the most, 9999 friendship points.
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During some special events Friendship Gacha can produce low level elemental essences or other items at a high rate.

Token Gacha Edit

Token Gacha is a Gacha which uses 30 tokens per try or one Free Gatcha Ticket. There is no option to batch. The Token Gacha includes, Rare, Legendary, Unique and event coins [M1].

For every 10 lotteries using Token Gatcha, you will receive one Free Gatcha Ticket.

Free Token Gacha Strategies Edit

There are many ways to collect Free Token Gacha Tickets including [limited time] themed towers, limited time coupons from the Montowers 2 Twitter feed, or spending enough tokens. Obviously spending 30 tokens for an unlikely chance at a Unique monster is not cost effective, however climbing the [limited time] themed towers nets you a bunch of training material, rare or legendary themed monsters, two possible unique monsters and at most three Free Token Gacha Tickets. The first two are reasonable to reach for, especially if you're going for the two unique monsters, but the third is too expensive to be worth getting.

The theme connected to the [limited time] themed towers is often something like Bikini, Military, or Uniform, and increases Gacha chances for six Unique themed monsters. Saving your free Gacha tickets for an event where there is a Unique that you want is the best strategy for targeted Gacha fishing as the chance for the special themed Unique monsters is increased %500 percent over the usual, however this doesn't seem to make a difference in the number of Unique monsters pulled from the lottery. You are never guaranteed to get a unique at all, it's just overall a better chance at getting something good than otherwise.