Hello friends. The MonTowers2 Wiki has a few surprises! You can find out about our giveaways here!

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Giveaway FAQ

What is the MonTowers2 giveaway? We host certain events and contests! You may be rewarded for contributions or simply by entering a draw! By registering an account - you will automatically be entered in all draw events! Gain more chances through contributions, activity and more! If you have received a prize you must claim it within 3 days or 36 hours of your notification, or your reward will be revoked.

Who pays for these giveaways? Our giveaways are sponsored by member donations as well as communication and cooperation with the MonTowers Staff and Buffstone!* Remember to check back often to see if there is something running!

Current Giveaway

VIP Member Giveaway (February)

The VIP Member for this month will be announced during the first week of March and will pick from either a Amazon Gift Card (CA/US) or Google Play Credit.

Upcoming Giveaways

VIP Member Giveaway

  • Win prizes for your contributions!
  • Event Date: February Onwards
  • VIP Member Giveaways operate based on contributions shared since last Giveaway time. Contributions include removal of certain content, edits and more as to not necessarily include + history contributions. Only one VIP member will be selected each giveaway and recognized on the main page. Consolation prizes will be given for other recognized members.
  • Win Prizes and community praise including Amazon/Google Play Credit*, a Special Member Badge and more!

MonTowers2 Celebration

  • Celebrate a very special MonTowers2 event with a lucky draw!
  • Celebrate the Montowers2 Japanese release with Buffstone in this exclusive site event.

Past Giveaways

No giveaways at this time.