Monsters are the main aspect of MonTowers2. Click here for a template monster page if you are interested in helping.

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Introduction Edit

Monsters can be obtained through summoning their respective coins. Coins are be obtained from Gatcha or random drops, although some are given out as rewards for raids and events. Monsters have three stats, ATK, DEF and HP. They also have skills, a leader bonus, and a non-visible monster type (Attack, Defense, HP, Normal). Monster rarity includes Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legend and Unique. Each monster has an attribute (one of Light, Dark, or Neutral) and a species (Wild Beast, Human, Immortal, etc.).

List of Monsters Edit

You can view a full monster list available on this wiki in the Categories: Monsters page or visit the Master Monster List. Not every monster has been added yet, so please contribute. Shown to the right is the unique monster, Orcana.

Summoning Monsters Edit

Monsters can be summoned using field gems, (shown at the bottom, to the right). The requirements to summon the monster can be viewed on its information page, which can be accessed by tapping on the monster coin. You must have a coin to summon the monster. You may only summon one of each monster type. If you want to resummon a monster, you must first delete it from your monster roster.

Certain monster coins are only available by combining two other monster coins together by selecting the Mix icon in the Lab. The recipes are received by participating in private raids.

In rare cases you may receive a special summon which will summon the monster with 200% the base stats. It will be granted an [EX] tag in its name and its background will be red. [EX] summons are very rare and should be kept once summoned.

Training Monsters Edit

Monsters can be trained using monster coins or essences. Monsters require an increasing amount of experience to reach successive levels, and have different level caps depending on their rarity. See Monster Training for more details.

Training Skills Edit

Abilities and skills are trained by using a monster coin that has the same skill. The coins do not show the skills that are obtained through evolving but they can still be used to raise those hidden skills. Skills cap at rank 5. For a complete list of skills, visit the skills page.

Evolution Edit

Once a monster is at its max level cap, it can be evolved to the next level. Evolution requires evolution materials and, sometimes, the original monster coin. Evolution grants the monster a higher level cap to obtain higher stats. Evolution cannot be performed at level 100.

Rebirth Edit

At level 100, a monster can undergo Rebirth. It will reset to level 1 but obtain roughly 20% of its stats. It does not reset [EX] Summons or Skill Levels. Rebirth can be done multiple times to achieve extremely high stats. Each rebirth costs tokens.

Rebirth new Base Stat: (Max Master stat - Base stat)*0.2 + Base Stat