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Quests in Montowers2 are used to deliver the story of the game as well as EXP and item rewards to players.

Tower Quest Edit

Tower Quests comprise the main storyline of Montowers2. Tiana uses these quests to provide backstory on why the player is climbing the towers and defeating the monsters inhabiting them.

In addition to providing a story, EXP, and item rewards, the Tower Quests serve as a guide through the Regular Towers. This also works as a sort of tutorial for new players starting off in the Beginner's Tower.

Daily Quest Edit

Five new quests are given out daily. These quests will be randomly assigned and their objectives can be in any of the Regular Towers you have unlocked.

Types of Quests Edit

There are currently two distinct types of quests in Montowers2. All Tower Quests and Daily quests take place in only the Regular Towers.

Clear Quests Edit

Clear quests require that the player defeat a monster in a specific tower and floor a certain number of times. The number of times you're required to defeat a monster varies by tower, with quests in the Beginner's Tower requesting a floor cleared 3-5 times, and quests in more difficult towers requesting a floor cleared 12-20 times.

Capture Quests Edit

Capture quests require the player to acquire one monster coin of a specific monster. The required monster is usually of rarity 'Rare' or less.

This type of quest is immediately completed upon acceptance if the player already possesses at least one of the required monster coins. It is currently unknown if this is working as intended or a bug.

Quest Rewards Edit

Quest rewards are comprised of two components: experience (EXP), and items. EXP is always rewarded, and the amount differs based on the quest type and difficulty. Specific items are given out during the Tower Quests, while some Daily Quests reward random items.

Experience Edit

  • Clear Quests reward experience based on the difficulty of the quest and the tower where the quest takes place. Later towers or quests requiring the player to defeat more monsters will reward more EXP than earlier towers or quests requiring fewer monsters defeated.
  • Capture Quests give at least 5000 experience regardless of the monster coin the quest asks for.

Items Edit

Items that can be received from Tower Quests or Daily Quests currently include:

  • 5x Token
  • 1 50% Healing Potion
  • 1x 5 BP potion
  • 1x 10 BP potion
  • 5x of each field gem
  • 10x of each field gem
  • Free Gatcha Ticket
  • 1x Small Essence
  • 1x Medium Essence
  • 1x Large Essence